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School Reward Programs

You can support your school while helping to save local lives!

  • High School Heroes Program - Your school can earn $500 in equipment and supplies at EACH blood drive, plus a bonus for hosting 4 blood drives during the school year.
  • Red Cord Program - High School students can donate blood 3 times in a school year to earn a Red Cord to wear at graduation!
  • Junior Heroes Program - Elementary and Middle schools can earn money for equipment and supplies at EACH blood drive.
  • Shepeard Scholarships – Shepeard awards up to five $1,500 scholarships annually.

Parental Consent for Blood Donation

High School Programs

The High School Heroes Program provides resources for your school through hosting blood drives during the school year to help save local lives within your community. Each blood drive your school hosts that achieves your division’s blood drive goal will automatically earn your school $500 in equipment and supplies. There is no limit to how many blood drives your school can host, and you can host a blood drive anytime during your school year. Schools that host 4 blood drives in a year qualify for a $2,000 bonus!

Extra Credit:

  • Use your High School Heroes funds for your school or as a scholarship for a qualifying student.
  • Earn a Shepeard Red Honor Cord to wear at graduation.
    • Subject to school’s approval
  • Apply for a Shepeard scholarship.

Learn More Here:

High School Programs

Red Cord

The Red Cord Program, which recognizes students for their achievement of service to the community through blood donation, has been well received. Students must donate three times in a school year to receive the honor of wearing a red cord at graduation. We firmly believe that this achievement is an extreme honor because these students have demonstrated a selfless commitment by giving not only their time, but the gift of life to a local patient in need.

High School Red Cord Program Info

Participating High Schools

Shepeard Red Cord Form

Our Red Cord Program has also been extended to colleges! Please see the college brochure below for more details.

College Red Cord Program Info

Junior Heroes

The Junior Heroes Program allows parents to donate at an Elementary or Middle school blood drive. For every 20 people who present to donate, your school will earn $50 in equipment and supplies. Just like the High School Heroes program, you can host as many blood drives as you like during your school year.

Past Winners:

  • Jefferson Elementary in South Carolina used their winnings to purchase medical supplies
  • Belvedere Elementary School purchased office supplies with their winnings
  • Baker Place Elementary School used their winnings to purchase gardening tools for their NAC Gardening Program

Junior Heroes Program

Pamela Murdaugh felt helpless and heartbroken when the doctors told her that she was unable to give her daughter, Brittany, the blood she needed to survive due to her blood type. Today, Brittany is happy and healthy thanks, in part, to selfless blood donors.

Brittany Holmes - Blood Recipient

Testimonial Box Murdaugh | Shepeard Blood

How your donation helps: