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Donation Reward Programs

When you donate at Shepeard, you are eligible for a variety of rewards. For information on how to access your donor portal, which includes details about rewards, click here.

Read below to learn about our donation programs.

Apheresis Donor Rewards

Platelet, plasma and double red cell donors earn points for each donation and redeem them for gift cards! The more you donate, the more points you earn towards awesome prizes in the donor store!

Click the link below for full details!

Apheresis Rewards Info (PDF)

O Neg Donor Rewards

  • Get points for every donation
  • Go online to your donor portal & redeem points
  • Get gift cards for points earned
  • Go shopping and buy cool stuff!
  • Get more points for donating again…

O Neg Rewards Info (PDF)

Whole Blood Donor Rewards

The Whole Blood Donor Store now gives donors 650 points each time they donate! These points can be used for gift cards or T-shirts. Click the link below for full details!

Whole Blood Rewards Info (PDF)

Gallon Program

Local patients depend on your consistent donation. The Galloneer Program was established to give donors an opportunity to make a significant contribution to their community year after year. Galloneers have the opportunity to achieve personal milestones while ensuring an adequate blood supply to our local hospitals and the regional burn center. Becoming a Galloneer is easy, donate as often as you are able and each time you reach eight pints you will receive an award in the mail. You will receive a donor pin for gallons one through nine and a plaque and plates on your plaque for gallons ten and above. The plaque is for gallons 10, 15, 20 and you will receive plates in the mail for gallons 11, 12, 13, and 14, etc.

Lifesaver Club

Get an incredible gift just for donating 4 times with Shepeard in one calendar year!

Give the gift of life and get a really neat gift and the knowledge that you have caused change in the lives of people that will now have the chance to #causechange for someone else.

Free Lipid Panel Profile (Cholesterol Test)

After your third donation in a calendar year, you will receive a letter in the mail with instructions on how to redeem your free Lipid Profile. (Two free Lipid Profiles per calendar year.) Donors who choose to take advantage of this benefit may visit a Shepeard Center or Doctors Hospital to get the blood drawn. THIS TEST REQUIRES FASTING AND THE DONOR MAY NOT DONATE BLOOD ON THE DAY OF THE LIPID PANEL TEST.

Faith In Action

Host blood drives with your church to earn funding for fees and supplies. Select the link below to learn more.

Faith In Action (PDF)

Harley Drew had a successful surgery because of loyal volunteer blood donors who help save local lives every day with Shepeard Community Blood Center. Harley says, "Thank you for giving the gift of life and please continue to donate with Shepeard as often as you can."

Harley Drew - Blood Donor & Recipient

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