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Am I Eligible To Donate?

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Healthy individuals who weigh at least 110 pounds and are 17 years and older, or are 16 years old with a Shepeard Blood Center signed parental consent form, may donate with Shepeard. Female donors must have a minimum hematocrit (iron level) of 38. Male donors must have a minimum hematocrit of 39.

If you have blood type A, B or O, you may be a great candidate for donating platelets. Platelets are used to help cancer patients and some patients with blood diseases. You can donate platelets with Shepeard every two weeks.

If you have Type AB blood, you may be a great candidate for donating plasma. Plasma is used for treatment of burn victims and some trauma victims.

View our FAQ for more info on eligibility.

Chris Maxwell needed to use two units of blood during his quadruple bypass surgery. Today, he is an active member of The Mended Hearts of Aiken and works diligently to educate the public about heart health.

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Chris Maxwell - Blood Recipient

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